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Potter | Tsai Jung-yu

  • Publish Date:2016-05-13
2003 - Contentment

Did You Know That …?

  • Tsai Jung-yu (蔡榮祐), 2011 laureate of the National Crafts Achievement Award, is known for his breakthroughs in the field of ceramics. He is particularly enamored with creating new ceramic forms, and even leafs through fashion magazines such as Vogue for inspiration.

  • Works from his latest series ― "Tolerance (包容)” ― have a peculiar appearance that seem to be blend of molten and hardened clay. This effect was achieved by using clay of different melting points and it took him six years to perfect the technique.

  • In his thirty-odd years as a ceramic artist, Tsai has experimented extensively with different materials and forms. However, "Rhythm (律動)” is a 1979 piece that the artist has not been able to replicate since.

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