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Historical photography exhibition unveils developments of Tainan

  • Publish Date:2023-09-22
Photo by Liu Yung-tai

A special exhibition featuring a collection of representative works by renowned photographers from the southern city of Tainan is taking place from June 30 through Oct. 15 at the National Tainan Living Art Center.


Co-curated by Director Huang Chiang-liang (黃建亮) and artist Chen Po-i (陳伯義), "Special Exhibition on Featured Tainan Photographers: Trailblazing Photographers – Photography Starts at 80 (翕相老先覺─攝影80才開始)" will showcase more than 100 photographs by Hsu Yuan-fu (許淵富), Chang Wu-chun (張武俊), Chen Chin-hsiung (陳次雄), Wang Zheng-ji (王徵吉), and Liu Yung-tai (劉永泰).


Born in the 1930s to 1940s, the five featured photographers documented street scenes, human activities, and natural sceneries, preserving a valuable visual record of the city in the era with unique skills and aesthetics through their lens.


The photographs featured in the exhibition date back to the year 1960 to 2020, offering a glimpse into the changing culture, natural landscape, ecological environment, and historical buildings in Tainan, transporting viewers through time and making them immersed in the city’s rich history.


Among the showcased works are Hsu’s "Backstreet Life (後街生活)” and “Praying Hands (信徒的手)," two black and white images that captured the everyday life with a strong emphasis on the subject and back-lighting technique.


Other photographs include nature photographer Chang's works that vividly depict the magnificent natural landscape; Chen's snapshot of citizens walking on a damaged bridge; Wang’s documentary of black-faced spoonbill, an endangered species of wading bird, and Liu’s experimental creations.