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Photo exhibition on Kaohsiung City of the 1920s available online

  • Publish Date:2023-11-06
Exhibition main visual

To celebrate Kaohsiung City’s upcoming 100th anniversary as it was elevated to a metropolis in 1924, the National Center of Photography and Images (NCPI) has invited local cultural worker Chen Kun-yi (陳坤毅) to curate an online exhibition titled “Leaping Southland through the Lens: Images of Takao Prefecture (鏡頭下的躍進南國:高雄州拾影).”


A collection of 52 photos presented by NCPI showcases the past of Takao Prefecture (now the regions of Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, and Penghu Islands) during the period of Japanese rule. Through the snapshots at that time, audiences can get a glimpse of the institutional buildings, street scenes, industrial facilities, natural environment, and local products.


These pictures reveal the development and prosperity of the port city in southern Taiwan 100 years ago, displaying images of the railway construction and unique local industries, including cement plants and sugar factories. In addition to modern infrastructures that were built during the period of Japanese rule, historic sites of the Qing Dynasty are also shown in the photos. Furthermore, natural landscapes of this tropical region can be seen in the exhibited snapshots.


To visit the online exhibition “Leaping Southland through the Lens: Images of Takao Prefecture,” please click the link: