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ISSUE #509
The works of Taiwanese artist Luo Jr-shin, which aim at capturing and amplifying the illusionary and delusionary moments of everyday life, will be showcased at the 11th edition of Liverpool Biennial in Liverpool, England.
Taiwanese disciplinary artist Joyce Ho will be showcasing her installations and performing art pieces at various venues in New York City, as part of Asia Society Triennial titled "We Do Not Dream Alone" through Jun. 27.
The sculptures of Taiwanese artists Wu Ching and Huang Fu-shou will be presented at a virtual exhibition titled "Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan" at the Bowers Museum in California.
Ministry Updates
Blue horse statue placed in front of S.Y.S Memorial Hall
A giant blue horse statue with rainbow-colored mane and tail from Paper Windmill Theatre’s theatrical production "Rain Horse" was placed in front of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall from March 25 to March 28.
Ming Hwa Yuan presents latest production at TTTC
Taiwanese opera troupe Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Group will perform its latest production "Zheng ZhiLong, The Pirate King of Formosa" at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre in Taipei from April 9 through April 11.
Swedish newspaper compliments Taiwanese novelist
A Swedish daily newspaper praised Taiwanese writer Wu Ming-yi, whose two novels were recently translated into Swedish, for his remarkable and unique writing style on Jan. 19.
Cultural Features
Lin's music is full of warmth and musicality, and he has shone on the international stage with widely recognized performances. In two different international competitions, he has become the first Taiwanese to take top honors.
Violinist | Richard Lin
Completed in Hsinchu in 2008 as a papermaking workshop, Paper Hut Nest allows visitors to experience each of the six major steps of papermaking—cutting, soaking, rolling, pressing, separating, and drying as well as other creative pursuits on offer.
Paper Hut Nest Workshop
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