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ISSUE #433
Quai Branly Museum spotlights traditional Taiwanese culture by examining the longstanding practice of burning paper offerings for loved ones in the afterlife.
The "Tattoo COLOR, Tattoo HONOR" exhibition at Museum Siam spotlights the facial and body tattoos of the Taiwanese indigenous Atayal and Paiwan tribes.
"The Ouroboros" is an international joint exhibition that marks the second phase in the 2018-2019 Taiwan-Luxembourg Exchange Program.
Taiwan artist Chou Yu-cheng is one of the 55 international artists who have been invited to participate in the 2019 Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Ministry Updates
Golden Indie nominees revealed in carpool-style broadcast
The nominees for the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards were announced in a live online broadcast on Oct. 3. The broadcast began by revealing Masa of Mayday as chair of the jury as he sets about driving between top music venues in Taipei, picking up special guests and music artists along the way to jointly present the nominations.
Comic awards showcase growing cross-sector cooperation
The 10th Golden Comic Awards ceremony organized by the Ministry of Culture on Sept. 25 was a major event for the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan. Of the 102 submissions received this year, only 24 of the most outstanding entries were ultimately included in the running for the nine award categories.
Cultural Features
Chou Yu-cheng is a 43-year-old conceptual artist who works with a broad range of media, producing a dialectic between source and result through transfer or transplantation, or through differences in time and place. This method is what Chou calls his "design trick."
Conceptual Artist | Chou Yu-cheng
Illustrator Lee Chin-lun tries to avoid the dark side of the adult world in her children's books because she feels that, while adults understand those negative things, they are incomprehensible to children. Besides, what is the sense in showing children the ugly sides of adults during their naïve, carefree childhoods?
Children’s Illustrator | Lee Chin-lun
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