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ISSUE #557
Taiwanese video artist Zhang Xu-zhan, who was awarded the Deutsche Bank Artists of the Year 2020, will showcase his new work of the "Animal Story Series" in Berlin until Mar. 14. In addition to presenting his artwork, Zhang will join the workshop forum to share his creative journey of animation.
With support from the Taiwan Academy in Houston and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwanese artist and filmmaker Huang Hsin-Chien's latest VR production "Samsāra" will be available at Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University in Houston, from Mar. 1 until Apr. 1.
Organized by the Albany Institute of History & Art and supported by Taipei Cultural Center in New York, Taiwanese artist Leigh Wen's solo exhibition "The Four Elements of Leigh Li-Yun Wen" is on view in the Albany Institute of History & Art from Jan. 29 to June 19.
Ministry Updates
Taipei Fashion Week AW22 to highlight sustainability
Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Taipei Fashion Week AW22 will take place from Mar. 23 to 30, featuring an opening show, 12 fashion shows, and 2 young talent student shows, revolving around the theme of "Sustainable Fashion."
Taiwanese artist chosen for NY’s TAA residency program
Taiwanese artist Wu Chien-hsing has been selected as the winner and he is set to participate in the residency program this month, which will be held in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, as well as experience the latest vibes of art and culture in New York.
Taiwanese artists named winners in Japan manga awards
Taiwanese manga artist Cory Ko received Silver Award for her work "CliniClowns: last goodbye," Chang Ki-ya won the bronze prize with the work "Formosa Oolong Tea Vol.4" and Evergreen Yeh with the work "Mayfly Island." at the award ceremony of the 15th Japan International Manga Award on Mar. 4.
Cultural Features
An artist, curator, and collector who originally hailed from British Hong Kong, Margaret Shiu was also the founder of the first artist-in-residence organization in Taiwan, Bamboo Curtain Studio. With a strong passion for art, after settling in Taiwan, she soon became an indispensable and important promoter of Taiwan’s art and culture scene.
Artist | Margaret Shiu
Yagu Yurow is the community director of the Ropwe Community Development Association in Yilan County’s Nan’ao Township. Through years of field research and cultural genealogical activities, she has practically depicted the life of the old Ryohen community, giving the young people of the community a chance to see their own roots.
Ropwe Community Development Association | Yagu Yurow
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