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ISSUE #587
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre launched its first post-pandemic overseas tour on Oct. 6, featuring the current Artistic Director Cheng Tsung-lung's "13 Tongues," a well-reputed production since its 2016 premiere in Taiwan. The company presents 10 performances in Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago.
Taiwanese scholar Hsin-Chin Evelyn Hsieh, author Chen Yu-chin, and documentary director Wu Yu-ying are on a lecture and screening tour to introduce Taiwan literature and film to faculty and students in the U.S., with the goal to connect the United States and Taiwan on issues pertaining to transnational migration, race, and more.
Dedicated to promoting the classics of Taiwan literature and culture in Italy, the Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in Italy organized a series of events under the topic "Reading Taiwan Literature II: Translation and Promotion Plan of TV Series Adapted from Taiwan Classic Literature."
Ministry Updates
TaiwanPlus launches 24-hour TV channel
To expand Taiwan's global presence, TaiwanPlus launched a brand-new 24-hour TV channel. The TV channel will feature nine daily news segments, and multiple brand-new programs such as talk shows focusing on news, politics, economic and current affairs, as well as travel programs.
Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival kicks off in Yilan
The Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival marks its 20th anniversary this year, bringing performances and activities revolving around the theme of "20‧Wonderful." 20 performance groups and 4 craftsmen are invited to present 65 performances, 20 craft creation demonstrations, 20 craftsmanship experiences and other activities.
Tainan City's pilgrimage procession "Back to Baijiao" has been registered as an important folk custom. It is a significant festival that is typically held in Tainan's Syuejia District and reflects the cultural connotation of the religious group. As of September 2022, 22 national-level folk customs have been recognized by the ministry.
Cultural Features
Lala Hsu graduated with a bachelor's degree in nursing, but she long had a strong passion for music. Not wanting to give up on her dream, she quit her job as a nurse and secretly signed up for the auditions for the singing talent show "One Million Star" without her family's knowledge. At first, her family was resistant to her decision to pursue her dream of being a singer, but for Hsu, that competition was the first decisive moment in her musical career.
Singer | Lala Hsu
The Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe has been committed to promoting Taiwanese opera. Driven by a dedication to respecting tradition while boldly innovating, the troupe has been at the leading edge of the evolution of Taiwanese opera, creating classic shows covering a wide variety of subjects and styles, and exploring different performance styles, winning over audiences and earning substantial praise from experts and scholars.
Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe
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