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ISSUE #525
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris launched "TAIWAN POP-IN AVIGNON" online to present Taiwanese team interviews, work excerpts, and cooperation between colleagues amid the pandemic, in addition to observations and comments of theater professionals and art reporters on the participation of the Taiwanese teams in the Festival OFFd'Avignon as part of the Avignon Festival from July 5 to July 31.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency collaborated to launch "Taiwan Audio Comic Expo" from July 1 to August 20, featuring a collection of colorful illustrations by Taiwanese comic artists in addition to short films of original Taiwanese manga works accompanied by audio.
Taiwan’s Ju Percussion Group will use technology and digital resources to jointly hold "Percussion Series Live Concert" on three Friday evenings – July 16, July 23, and August 6 revolving around the main theme of "World Gathering" from five countries across different time zones in an online conference room of 100 people.
Ministry Updates
Ministry of Culture announces Level 2 alert guidelines
In response to the government lowering COVID-19 epidemic control restrictions from Level 3 to Level 2, the Ministry of Culture announced its plans to ease the restrictions for performance venues while maintaining preventive measures starting from July 27 to ensure that artistic talents will not be lost and creative work will not be interrupted.
Upcoming "National Language Development Conference"
The Ministry of Culture held an online press conference for the upcoming "2021 National Language Development Conference" on July 21, inviting the Ministry of Education, the Hakka Affairs Council, and the Council of Indigenous Peoples to discuss issues related to national language development through public participation to come up with measures that will help revitalize endangered national languages.
"Taiwan Season" at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021
Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, "Taiwan Season," supported by the Ministry of Culture, will take place virtually for this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the Summerhall website from August 6 to 29, featuring four filmed dance-theatre productions and four thematically diverse webinars.
Cultural Features
Along the way, Chen San-huo worked on over a hundred temples, and his exquisite work can be seen all over. Particularly iconic are his work for the Ciji Temple in Fengyuan, Zhenlan Temple in Dajia, Chaotian Temple in Beigang, Fengtian Temple in Xingang, and Yuhuang Temple in Tainan. He was even hired by a major hotel in Japan to make cut-and-paste ceramic decorations for them, and his skills were also recognized by a Buddhist temple in Hong Kong’s New Territories, which invited him to participate in construction work.
Cut-and-paste Ceramics Master | Chen San-huo
In their Kun opera teaching and promotion work, Extrait adopts a comprehensive approach to teaching the general public with a combination of in-depth theory and practice, while for dedicated students who are interested in performance, the focus is on more grounded, thorough education. In terms of Kun opera performances, Extrait is committed to a high level of self-discipline and philosophy, relying on these to produce exquisite performances.
Extrait Kun Opera Troupe
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