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ISSUE #610
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo, in collaboration with several institutions including Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Books Kinokuniya, and Otsuchi Town Cultural Exchange Center, kicked off a traveling exhibition to promote Taiwanese comic books in Japan.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo is hosting an exhibition featuring 25 ink-color paintings that depict Taiwan's landscapes and people from March 15 to April 14. The artist behind these paintings is Katsuyuki Fujii, a Japanese painter who created them in memory of his daughter, who had a deep interest in Taiwan.
Starting in March, the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI), a governmental bureau under the Finnish Ministry of Education, is launching an annual screening program featuring Taiwanese classic films at Kino Regina, a cinema in Finland, marking the first time that KAVI has promoted Taiwanese films as a special topic.
Ministry Updates
Taipei Fashion Week (TFW) AW23 officially kicked off with a grand opening ceremony on March 23 at Nankunshen Daitian Temple in Tainan, highlighting a series of fashion designs that incorporate elements from traditional performances as well as craftsmanship.
On March 18, Culture Minister Shih Che attended the 15th Grasstraw Festival at the Chiayi Performing Arts Center. He also voiced his strong support for local cultural facilities and events that provide opportunities for cultural experiences, such as independent bookstores and the Grasstraw Festival.
The 18th Osaka Asian Film Festival (OAFF) concluded its ten-day run with a closing and award ceremony on March 19, giving out four awards to Taiwanese films. This marked the highest number of awards ever received by Taiwan in the history of the festival.
Cultural Features
Tung Hua Shadow Puppet Theater from the city's Dashe District is one of only three traditional shadow puppet theater troupes registered as intangible cultural heritage; it is also the oldest shadow puppet theater troupe in Taiwan. Chang Fu-kuo is the sixth generation of his family to lead the troupe, and he is sparing no effort in preserving and passing on the art of Taiwanese shadow puppetry.
The Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum is housed in what was, during the Japanese colonial period, the Taihoku North Police Station. At that time, the Taipei police deployment was split roughly at the North Gate of Old Taipei. The area south of the North Gate was under the jurisdiction of the Taihoku South Police Station, and the area north of it was under the jurisdiction of the Taihoku North Police Station.
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