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ISSUE #613
Independent curator Huang Yu-wen and Hsieh Yu-ting Hsieh from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts have been selected to participate in the four-day "EXPO CHICAGO-2023 Curatorial Exchange" program, the first collaboration between Taipei Cultural Center in New York and EXPO CHICAGO, from April 11 to 15 in Chicago.
The Taiwan Philharmonic, also known as the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) in its homeland, is one of the first international orchestras being presented by the New York Philharmonic in David Geffen Hall as part of their tour in April. The tour is being led by new Music Director Jun Märkl.
The Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Italy, in collaboration with the National Institute for Graphic Design in Rome and Tseng Mei Chen's art studio, is launching a double solo engraving exhibition "Immediati Dintorni" until April 30.
Ministry Updates
Spanning nine days beginning April 7, the 2023 Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival (GHFFF) is back in Taipei with a series of film screenings, featuring a diverse range of genres, including Sci-Fi, horror, thriller, musical, comedy, Wuxia, animation, romance, and cult films.  
Organized by Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo, a traveling exhibition titled "Manga's Bond" featuring 288 comic artworks that represent the friendship between Taiwan and Japan commenced on April 8 in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The exhibition will conclude on April 16.
"The Man Who Couldn't Leave," an award-winning virtual reality film that delves into Taiwan's White Terror period in the 1950s, received the Special Cinematographic Distinction at France's New Images Festival, which is now the biggest annual XR festival in France, on April 8.
Cultural Features
Joyce Weng is one of the representatives of the second generation of postwar Taiwanese writers. Her early works focused commonly on topics of feminine love and marriage, telling tales of girls coming of age. After moving to the United States, she expanded the scope of her work to focus on issues of national and cultural identity, writing the "Yangmei Trilogy"—"Footprints from History," "Winter Cicada," and "Formosan Landed."
Having participated in farmers’ association activities since he was a child, after graduating from college Chen set about the work of "paddy field ecological education promotion" in Taipei, visiting paddy fields all over Taiwan to observe the environment and conduct ecological tours. He was worry about how Taiwan's rural culture could survive into the future, and it inspired him to return to his hometown, Tainan, to start all over again.
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