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ISSUE #629
Taiwanese artist Leigh Wen is the first Taiwanese to hold an exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. The exhibition "At One with the Elements," which will run until Aug. 13 is made possible through support from the Ministry of Culture.
The 76th Edinburgh Fringe Festival features works from Taiwan including "World in A Word" by Double & Cross Theater Group, "#Since1994" by Eye Catching Circus, "The Way Back" by The Double Theater, and "Duo" by 0471 Acro Physical Theater.
Taiwanese artists present their creations to showcase the close connection between vegetation and human lifestyle at the Rencontres d'Arles, an annual photography festival in France, with an aim to use art as a medium to increase ecological awareness.
Ministry Updates
The Ministry of Culture launched a program based on the theme of "Read Formosa." The promotional event is taking place across the country from July 2023 through May 2024, joined by hundreds of bookstores, publishers, and artistic and cultural groups with thousands of reading and literary activities.
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature donated a total of 578 volumes or sets of publications to the Leiden University Library in an effort to enrich the library with a valuable and diverse collection of Taiwanese literature and at the same time, to mark the start of the new collaboration between Taiwan and the Netherlands.
The National Museum of Prehistory has won the 2023 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards, which is one of the highest honors for Taiwan's architectural projects. The award judges commended its renovation project as an outstanding and innovative masterpiece.
Cultural Features
While attending Taichung First Senior High School, Chen Chien-wu often visited the Central Bookstore, and over time, the store manager noticed him and gave him an issue of Taiwan Literature magazine. This was the first time Chen had read works by Taiwanese authors. It was then that he realized Taiwan also had a literature of its own, which fascinated and resonated with him.
Theater workers Wu Wei-wei and Tso Han-chieh established the Double & Cross Theater Group in 2014. They love the theater and wanted to spread that love further, and this is what inspired them to try and inject more diversity into theatrical creation in Taiwan. In 2016, Double & Cross Theater Group produced Taiwan's first dance theater work based on the concept of "baby theater."
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