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ISSUE #519
Taiwanese disciplinary artist Joyce Ho will be showcasing her installations and performing art pieces at various venues in New York City, as part of Asia Society Triennial titled "We Do Not Dream Alone" through Jun. 27.
Museum Villa Stuck München in Germany, in collaboration with the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany, is presenting a special exhibition "Li, Geschenke und Rituale," which features installations and performances, themed on rituals of presenting and receiving gifts of Taiwanese artist Lee Ming-wei from May 13 through Sep. 12.
The National Human Rights Museum's "Through the Reflection of Green Island" exhibition, which revolves around the themes of "imprisonment" and "dispersion" and explores life situations experienced in different eras will take place at the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park in Green Island, Pingtung County until Sep. 15.
Ministry Updates
Application for
Application for Ministry of Culture's "Arts Relief 4.0," which is based on the principles of speeding up assistance for individuals, strengthening relief for industries, and increasing the amount of loans to help the arts and cultural sector can now be filed online.
Taiwanese artist wins two U.S. illustration awards
Taiwanese artist Page Tsao's illustration series "Invisible Bookstore," based on his imagination of bookstores owned by one of Japan’s most celebrated author Miyazawa Kenji, German physicist Albert Einstein, and writer Mary Shelley, was selected as winner at 2021 American Illustration and 3x3 International Illustration show, respectively.
NTM launches a variety of online creative activities
The National Taiwan Museum gathers online platforms to launch various creative activities, online courses, and virtual backgrounds on its official Facebook page and web page for free to enrich life at home while COVID restriction measures are in place to foster interaction between parents and children in addition to providing valuable information.
Cultural Features
Pan Yue-hsiung inherited his father’s delicate, refined style of painting, but has also developed this into a style that all his own, showing mature technique, balanced and delicate color schemes, and vivid, lively overall compositions. The figures he paints radiate a kind of godly aura, with very expressive eyes and facial expressions.
Traditional Painter | Pan Yue-hsiung
With the concerted efforts of everyone involved, The Spring has earned a positive appearance in The Guardian, one of the United Kingdom’s three leading major newspapers. It was in their pages that British architecture critic Rowan Moore listed it among his "five best of 2020." In 2020, the site also received a number of awards and honors, including from the Excellence Award of FIABCI—Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards, the Yuan Ye Awards, and the Golden Pin Design Awards.
The Spring
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