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ISSUE #646
A solo exhibition by Taiwanese painter Chiu Kuei is open now at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan. This exhibition is taking place at the TECRO in Tokyo, running now until Dec. 14. 
Taiwanese artist Leigh Wen's solo exhibition titled "The Four Elements of Leigh Li-Yun Wen" opens in the Fremin Gallery in New York. Besides showcasing her signature themes of earth, air, water, and fire, it also features her newly created works.
Kettle's Yard, one of the museums of the University of Cambridge, is hosting an art exhibition titled "Making New Worlds: Li Yuan-chia & Friends." It showcases the artworks of Li Yuan-chia and his influence on the artscene in the U.K. 
Ministry Updates
The Ministry of Culture held an award ceremony at the National Taiwan Museum on Nov. 24 to honor three cultural heritage preservers. Culture Minister Shih Che presented the awards to Lee Ching-hai, Su Ching-liang, and Hsu Ming-he.   
The National Human Rights Museum organized an event in Yilan County on Nov. 25, inviting victims of the White Terror and their family members to retell their encounters.  
Deputy Culture Minister Lee Ching-hwi announced that the National Comics Museum, which is anticipated to be located at the site of the former Taichung Prison, will kick off eight thematic exhibitions in December. 
Cultural Features
Uyongu Yatauyungana was a Tsou educator and musician who created distinctively Taiwanese songs through his combination of Tsou tradition, Japanese education, and the Western philosophy he learned through the colonial academic system. He was actively concerned about indigenous peoples' autonomy.
Sandiaojiao Culture Development Association, composed of residents from Magang, nearby Mao'ao, and concerned citizens, not only preserves and promotes the local fishing culture but also actively helps residents apply for historical building status, negotiating with the government and conglomerates.
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