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ISSUE #521
With support from Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles partners with Frameline45 San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival to virtually present "Focus on Taiwan" from June 17 to 27, showcasing the creative abundance of Taiwan, the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.
Taiwanese artist Su Hui-yu will hold his first solo exhibition titled "The Cinema of Séance," which features three of his works "Super Taboo," "The Glamorous Boys of Tang" and "The Women's Revenge" center around Taiwanese history, memory and re-imagination at 1646 Experimental Art Space in The Hague, Netherlands until June 27.
The Centre of Taiwan Studies of the London-based School of Oriental and African Studies will be launching its much anticipated second edition of the Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project, which carries through its mission to raise awareness of contemporary Taiwan cinema by presenting a brand new season of director focused film series followed by live Q&A sessions until July 2 online.
Ministry Updates
"Synapses" wins Best Film Award at Asian Film Festival
Taiwanese family drama "Synapses" directed by filmmaker Chang Tso-chi, which depicts how members of a family deal with their emotional conflicts in the face of Alzheimer's disease, won the Best Film Award at the 18th edition Asian Film Festival which took place at the Cinema Farnese in Rome, Italy, from June 17 through 23.
Taiwanese illustrator designs TECRO in Japan
Taiwanese illustrator Tonn Hsu was invited by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan to design this year’s promotional pamphlet, which revolves around Alishan, coupled with Taiwanese cultural elements such as the tea ceremony, traditional tiles, aboriginal tribes, temples and the Alishan Forest Railway.
NPM and high school design solutions for visually impaired
In light of social equality and accessibility being the focus all over the world in recent years, the National Palace Museum (NPM) has collaborated with New Taipei Municipal Bangqiao Senior High School to launch a project "An Eye for National Treasure from NPM" as part of its special exhibition "Facets of Authority : A Special Exhibition of Imperial Portraits from the Nanxun Hall."
Cultural Features
Creation is part of Yao Chung-han’s life, from seemingly broken fluorescent lamps to vibrant white lights, from the composition of deconstructed sound art to the production of dance music, from framed works to works that reflect on concepts of spatial scale. He employs the corresponding and contrasting relationships between light and sound to inspire viewers of his art to go on flights of imagination about what the physical senses perceive and understand.
Artist of Light and Sound | Yao Chung-han
Built some 80 years ago in the 1940s, the dormitories in Minquan Borough, Taitung, form the largest such cluster of buildings in the area and have borne witness to the development of Taitung through the Japanese era and since, becoming a conduit for the common memory of many Taitung residents.
The Japanese Dormitories in Minquan Borough
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