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ISSUE #530
The 4th Taiwan Film Festival Berlin, curated by Impression Taiwan and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany, will screen a total of 16 works with the hope of showcasing the diverse cultural backgrounds of Taiwan and exploring the emotional attachments to the land from August 20 to 29 this year.
Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, "Taiwan Season," supported by the Ministry of Culture, will take place virtually for this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the Summerhall website from August 6 to 29, featuring four filmed dance-theatre productions and four thematically diverse webinars.
2021 TAIWANfest, which will be launched on Aug. 27 and Sep. 2 in Toronto and Vancouver, respectively, will continue the dialogue with Asia Series, Re-Think Asia to offer more than 20 online programs, in addition to an in-person concert led by the conductor Maestro Ken Hsieh and TAIWANfest Orchestra and an exhibition in Vancouver.
Ministry Updates
Culture Minister mourns demise of Paiwan artistic director
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te expressed his condolences over the demise of artistic director of the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe Camake Valaule who passed away on Aug. 12 at the age of 42, in addition to conferring a Grade-III Medal of Culture in recognition of his life-long achievements at his memorial service.
NTM launches expo on history of Taiwanese puppetry
The National Taiwan Museum launched a special exhibition "Treasures of Taiwanese Poo-Te-Hi" from Aug. 24 through Nov. 11, which details the multifaceted nature of Taiwanese puppetry in its 200 years of development by presenting more than 100 puppets of different categories. The exhibition will combine simulated reality from front and backstage to bring out the artisanship, coupled with museum professionalism and modern science to portray a century of traditional art.
Tainan displays Qing relics as part of reconstruction policy
During the reconstruction of the Yongfu Elementary School in Tainan City’s West Central District, relics of Qing-era Taiwan Military Circuit were discovered, prompting the Tainan City Government to organize exhibits on school history, relics and feature for 2022 as part of reconstruction of historical scenes and cultural heritage preservation.
Cultural Features
Yeh Shih-tao's works reflect the society and preserve cultural history. He once said, "My only mission in writing is to establish a truly Taiwanese literature. If we want to prove the existence of Taiwan, we must write the history of Taiwan. For one thing, this can clearly express the times and social changes that the nation has gone through; for the other, it can effectively preserve the evolution of Taiwanese culture and thought. My mission is to clearly define Taiwan as having its own literature."
Nativist Taiwanese Author | Yeh Shih-tao
Shaih Li-fa's book "A History of Art Movements in Taiwan during the Japanese Era" was published, becoming an important research work on the development of Taiwanese art during the period of Japanese rule and a pioneering work in the study of Taiwan’s art history. At that time, few local artists in Taiwan were commonly known to society, hence this book opened a window to Taiwan's art history.
Artist | Shaih Li-fa
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