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ISSUE #569
The 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition hosts a number of French guests and events as it showcases France as the guest of honor. Celebrating the TIBE's 30th anniversary, the exhibition will run through 7 at the Taipei World Trade Center.
Taiwanese acclaimed artist Lee Ming-wei's "Our Labyrinth" performance comes to life at London's art gallery Tate Modern in the UK from May 26 to June 15. The work transforms the simple act of sweeping into a contemplative and gestural performance, bringing a sense of ritual into the gallery.
Together with Taiwan Animation and Comic Promoting Association, Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo organized an exhibition displaying nine of Taiwan's latest animations for the first time. The exhibition showcases Taiwanese-style animation aesthetics from Apr. 21 to June 30 at the cultural center.
Ministry Updates
MOC pledges to protect nation
The 2021-2022 National Cultural Congress was held on May 28 and 29 at the Taipei International Convention Center. This year's congress revolved around the theme of "Culture is Endless," with topics closely tied to "cultural life" and "cultural production," covering four main topics.
Designs of Taiwanese tiles on pamphlet well-liked in Japan
In an effort to promote Taiwan, the Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan collaborated with Gaeabooks and invited Taiwanese illustrator Miss Charlie to design their yearly pamphlet. The illustrations on the pamphlet revolve around the theme of Taiwanese tiles architecture.
TFF to present world premiere of two Taiwanese films
The 2022 Taipei Film Festival's lineup has just been announced, including two Taiwanese films that will have their world premiere at the festival. The 24th edition will run from June 23 to July 9 at Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Vieshow Cinemas Taipei Xinyi, and SPOT Huashan Cinema.
Cultural Features
Master of the traditional bayin (eight notes) style of Hakka music, Chung Tsai-hsiang was the leader of the Meinong Hakka Bayin Music troupe and is considered a human encyclopedia of the traditional Hakka bayin music of Meinong. He had also studied Western musical instrumentation, and as such could read and write musical scores, contributing much to the ongoing preservation of this traditional form of music.
Hakka Baying Music Master | Chung Tsai-hsiang
The Evergreen Symphony Orchestra has been called a young, energetic, united, disciplined, professional, and distinctive orchestra, the only professional symphony orchestra in Taiwan operated by a private corporate body and one of few such examples internationally. Its purpose is to provide a quality performance stage and foster Taiwanese musicians.
Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
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