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'Taiwan Season' at Edinburgh Festival Fringe garners starred reviews

  • Date:2023-08-21
‘Taiwan Season’ at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan performance troupes have been performing in the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe under the “Taiwan Season” brand for 10 consecutive years, building a brand and reputation as one of the most popular segments of the festival. Four Taiwanese groups, namely Double & Cross Theater Group (両両製造聚團), Eye Catching Circus (創造焦點), The Double Theater (複象公場), and 0471 Acro Physical Theater (0471特技肢體劇場), received positive feedback and reviews during the first week of the event.

The List, a digital guide to arts and entertainment in the United Kingdom, specifically recommended the performance "World in A Word (一字一世界)" by Double & Cross Theater Group; "#Since1994" by Eye Catching Circus received a four-star and five-star review by Ed Fringe; "The Way Back (回家)" by The Double Theater was recommended by The Guardian; and "Duo" by 0471 Acro Physical Theater was given a four-star review from Broadway Baby.

On Aug. 14, the Director of the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK Chen Pin-chuan (陳斌全), the Director-general of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK Edinburgh Office Chang Chia-cheng (張嘉政) as well as a group of Taiwanese performers paraded the streets of Edinburgh, chanting "Taiwan Season We Are Back" along the way which attracted the attention of passersby.

On the same evening, more than 200 art professionals and representatives from various countries attended the "Taiwan Night" reception at the Summerhall. Addressing the event, Taiwan's Representative to the UK Hsieh Wu-chiao (謝武樵) praised the groups from Taiwan for their performances and thanked the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for providing a platform for Taiwanese groups to showcase their works.