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Creative Expo Taiwan 2023 to feature large-scale performing arts shows

  • Date:2023-08-24
Creative Expo Taiwan 2023 to feature large-scale performing arts shows

Scheduled to take place from Sept. 22 through Oct. 1, the Creative Expo Taiwan 2023 (CET 2023) will, for the first time, present a number of large-scale performing arts shows in its main exhibition area—Taiwan Contemporary Cultural Lab (C-Lab)—in Taipei. With Formosa Circus Art (FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團) being the performing arts curator for the CET 2023, two giant circus tents, Village-13 and Village-7, are set up at C-Lab, aiming to create a magical performance platform full of liveliness.

The circus tent is not only a mobile theater but also an organic laboratory. Working with the Focasa Circus Festival, the CET 2023 brings together many top-performing arts groups from all over Taiwan. The groups that will gather at the tent Village-13 include Our Theatre (阮劇團), Bulareyaung Dance Company (布拉瑞揚舞團), Tjimur Dance Theatre (蒂摩爾古薪舞集), U Theatre (優人神鼓), and Theatre De La Sardine (沙丁龐客劇團), as well as Department of Acrobatics of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Uni Circus (優尼客當代馬戲團), Circus Gate (馬戲之門), and 9's Production (九涉製作).

Meanwhile, the tent Village-7 serves as the stage for performers that focus on incorporating creative objects and exploring the development of the performing body, including street performer Mimofatguy as well as the groups On. P. Young (紅鼻子馬戲團), 0471 Acro Physical Theatre (0471特技肢體劇場), Chang Dance Theatre (長弓舞蹈劇場), and Formosa Crew.

During the 10-day event, there will be nearly 100 shows, experience activities, and workshops in the circus tents and on the outdoor stage. Over 30 performing arts groups will bring their performances with the circus spirit of diversity, inclusiveness, organicness, and freedom, displaying the Creative Expo’s diverse historical views and cultures. For more information, please click here.