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NTCRI launches virtual series 'Craft on line' in light of pandemic

  • Date:2021-06-15
NTCRI launches virtual series 'Craft on line' in light of pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) launched a virtual exhibition hall online, allowing people to appreciate craftsmanship at home, serving as a remedy for the body and mind, and overcome the irritability and anxiety brought about by the pandemic.

The "Craft on Line (臺灣工藝線上館)" series includes soothing display of handicrafts, arts and crafts figures, craft communities, craft learning workshop, brands and classes. Through films, texts and images, the series provides arts and crafts resources that are suitable for people of all ages to appreciate and come to know arts and crafts as they experience the everyday aesthetics of craftsmanship.

Moreover, NTCRI will successively launch multiple virtual reality (VR) exhibitions for visitors to experience the 360-degree exhibition space through mobile phones, tablets and other computer devices.

The first of these will be "Taiwan x Japan Contemporary Lacquerware Exchange Exhibition (2021台灣X日本當代漆藝交流展)" which will focus on contemporary-style lacquer artworks from Taiwan and Japan. As the pandemic continues to impact the world, the exhibition is expected to provide an opportunity for new generation of artists to further hone their craft skills, and broaden their horizons. Additionally, visitors will be able to appreciate the innovative lacquer artworks jointly created by artists from both countries through its VR exhibition.

In addition, there will also be an online VR exhibition titled "Into the Woods: An Exhibition of Taiwan’s Woodcrafts (木以載生–國產木作工藝)." Those who are interested in the issue of sustainable environmental handicrafts are welcome to explore the rich and diverse forest resources, the ingenuity of craftsmanship, and the rich interplay between domestic materials and woodworking in this exhibition.

For more information on the "Craft on line" VR exhibition, please visit NTCRI’s Facebook and Instagram.