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"Fashion of Our Time" exhibition showcases Taiwan’s fashion history

  • Date:2021-10-06
'Fashion of Our Time' exhibition showcases Taiwan’s fashion history

The fashion history exhibition "Fashion of Our Time (時裝時代・時代時裝)" was launched on Oct. 6 by the Ministry of Culture, with Vice Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan (李連權) and the curator Florence Lu (盧淑芬) present at the opening ceremony.

Through the exhibition setup, photo stories and original works of well-known fashion designers in Taiwan of the times, it leads the audience through Taiwan's fashion history. The six eras explored in the exhibition include the "Mother-like Textile Era," "The Enlightenment Era of Fashion Brands," "The Era of Free- Spirited Innovation," "The Era of International Brands Competition," "The Bright Era of Going Global" and "The Cultural Era of Taiwanese Fashion."

In addition to the exquisitely reproduced scenes from different eras such as textile factories, Sunrise Department Store, IDĒE Fashion store, there were also many precious Taiwanese designer clothing on display, including more than 40 clothing works by Isabelle Wen (溫慶珠), PunDaiLee (潘黛麗), Sophie Hong (洪麗芬), Kang Jia-wei (康嘉偉), and Goji Lin (林國基).

The Vice Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan stated that this exhibition presents the subjectivity of the historical development of Taiwan's clothing through the six eras, with the "Mother-like Textile Era" being within everyone's common memory. The Sunrise Department Store or IDĒE Fashion store serve as the beginning of Taiwanese designer brands. Between 2000 and 2010, Taiwanese designers have suffered from fierce competition with international brands. Nevertheless, through the hard work of Taiwanese designers since 2010, talented fashion designers were able to win international awards and bring Taiwanese fashion unto the world stage.

Vice Minister Lee noted that at this year's International Fashion Week, as many as 11 Taiwanese designers participated in formal fashion shows in Tokyo, New York, Paris, and London, proving that Taiwanese designers are capable of going global.