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NTMoFA kicks off ‘A Pluralistic Art History for Future Generations’ exhibition

  • Date:2024-03-27
A Pluralistic Art History for Future Generations

The exhibition “A Pluralistic Art History for Future Generations (致未來世代的美術史)” has commenced at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA). This exhibition is open until Mar. 16, 2025. 


This exhibition is a part of the “Project of Reconstructing the History of Art in Taiwan” launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. This project entails systematic examination, collection, and organization of various art genres, including visual art, craft, literature, and music, with the objective of reconstructing the history of art in Taiwan and the archives and literature that were overlooked in the past.


The exhibition is based on the outcome of the collections and the preservation of those important art assets, with diverse perspectives presented to showcase the tasks of reconstructing art history that the NTMoFA has carried out over the past years in the following three key sections: artwork collection, restoration and conservation, and cultural accessibility.


For more information, please visit NTMoFA’s website