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NTMoFA inaugurates exhibition on early Taiwanese calligraphy and paintings

  • Date:2024-03-26
Converging and Tracing Origins_Early Taiwanese Calligraphy and Paintings in NTMoFA Collection

As a part of the Ministry of Culture’s “Project of Reconstructing the History of Art (重建臺灣藝術史專案計畫)” in Taiwan, the exhibition “Converging and Tracing Origins: Early Taiwanese Calligraphy and Paintings in NTMoFA Collection (匯流溯源—國美典藏臺灣早期書畫展)” will take place at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) from Mar. 30 to July 7.


Selected from the museum’s collection, a total of 147 early Taiwanese calligraphy works and paintings from the Ming and Qing period to the Japanese colonial period will be on display in the exhibition.


Since the inauguration of the NTMoFA in 1988, the museum has continued to collect artworks of zeitgeist significance from the Ming and Qing dynasties to early modern, modern, and contemporary eras, with over 17,000 pieces of such artworks currently in the museum’s collection. 


In addition to presenting a context of Taiwanese art history based on a spatiotemporal framework, this exhibition further aims to construct a more comprehensive picture of the notable features found throughout Taiwanese art history and the rich aesthetics and social connotations that hold close regional connections.


Moreover, results from the project, “Reconstructing the History of Art in Taiwan,” launched by the Ministry of Culture are also integrated and presented, to serve as a witness to the interim accomplishment made on the construction of Taiwan’s cultural subjectivity.


For more information, please refer to the NTMoFA’s website