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From Organic to Monumental-The Sculpture Exhibition of Chin-chin Kuo

  • Date:2023-01-05
From Organic to Monumental-The Sculpture Exhibition of Chin-chin Kuo

An exhibition displaying a diverse and rich collection of Taiwanese sculptor Kuo Chin-chin’s (郭清治) lifelong works is underway at Chungshan National Gallery, the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall until Feb. 12.

According to curator J. J. Shih (石瑞仁), the exhibition "From Organic to Monumental-The Sculpture Exhibition of Chin-chin Kuo" is divided into two subthemes. 41 pieces of small and medium-sized sculptures are on display in the North Room, showcasing the trajectory of the artist's career growth; while works that represent Kuo’s results and achievements throughout his artistic journey since 1980 are exhibited in the South Room.

Addressing the opening ceremony on Dec. 30, 2022, Deputy Minister of Culture Hsiao Tsung-huang (蕭宗煌) expressed his admiration for Kuo on behalf of Culture Minister Lee Yung-te. He also stated that Kuo has been committed to pursuing the uniqueness and locality of sculpture for more than half a century. In his early stage, he started to create sculpture featuring realism and figurative, and after years of exploration and breakthrough, a personal style with unique oriental quality has been formed. To date, his works not only attract the world’s attention, but it is also the epitome of Taiwan's modern sculpture development.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall's director-general Wang Lan-sheng (王蘭生) stated that this is a heavyweight exhibition not only because Kuo is one of the heavy hitters in Taiwan’s sculpture industry but also due to the large volume of works on display.

There is an on-site creation at the exhibition site where audiences have the opportunity to experience the power of sculpture and intermedia within a short distance through the combination of virtual and real image projections and the sculpture works.