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2024 Taiwan International Light Festival inaugurated at NTMoFA

  • Date:2024-03-21
2024 Taiwan International Light Festival

The 2024 Taiwan International Light Festival titled “Shadow Is The Light (目光之外-2024臺灣國際光影藝術節)” is opening now until Apr. 28 at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA). 


With the theme “Shadow Is the Light (目光之外),” this year’s festival focuses on the changes and reflections of social consciousness, with the goal of evoking the viewers’ self-talk and exploration through visual experience. Between the light and the non-light where the buildups of the past merge with the perception of the present, possibilities for the future are expected to shine.


This festival features the works of six Taiwanese artists, including Li Cheng-liang (李承亮), Hsieh Yu-cheng (謝佑承), Chuang Chih-wei (莊志維), Lee Chen-an (李宸安), Liu Yao-chung (劉耀中), and Tian Zi-ping (田子平); as well as three international artists and art groups, such as No Sooncheon (South Korea), Jun Ong (Malaysia), and hellobastrworkshop (France, Taiwan).


Find out more information about the festival on the event’s Instagram.