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Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest


First launched in 2004, the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest (formerly known as the Taiwan Original Music Awards) is one of Taiwan's main platforms for promoting the creation of original music in native languages. Setting it apart from other music awards is the twist that all finalists must compete live.

Each winner walks away with a prize of NT$300,000 (approximately US$10,000) from the awards competition jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and the Hakka Affairs Council.

Previous awardees include Amis singer Suming, singer-songwriter Ado' Kaliting Pacidal, and Hakka musician Lo Sirong.

In addition to receiving prize money, the top award winners will also receive assistance in producing their own music videos, while an album of all the winning entries will be released by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Pop Music Industry.