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0471 Acro Physical Theatre

  • Date:2023-09-14

Chinese Name: 0471特技肢體劇場 

Founded: 2020

Founder: Sun Cheng-hsueh (孫正學)

Did You Know?

The number "0471" in 0471 Acro Physical Theatre’s is a play on words in Chinese that sounds like "spontaneous inspiration," linshi qiyi (臨時起意), reflecting the creative and spontaneous mindset that characterizes the troupe.

Founded in 2020 by Sun Cheng-hsueh, 0471 Acro Physical Theatre is one of the few circus teams in Taiwan specializing in acrobatic stacking. The team is dedicated to using acrobatic techniques to create a gravity-defying visual experience, transforming the theater into a world of imagination. Through the language of acrobatic movement, they aim to create a space for dialogue with others.

Sun Cheng-hsueh, the founder and artistic director, began learning traditional drumming at the age of four in the Tendrum Art Percussion Group (十鼓擊樂團). Standing at 194 centimeters tall, he almost joined the basketball team in high school, but instead, he chose to study folk arts at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, thinking that traditional drumming was included. However, he stumbled upon acrobatics and unexpectedly found it to be a source of joy and accomplishment for him.


At the age of 24, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sun decided to establish a theater company to further explore the possibilities of acrobatic stacking. He aimed to develop a training system for stacking techniques and make acrobatics a part of everyday life. He stated, "When all our movements are precise and accurate, like eating, you will see what we want to express."

The team's first production, "Nonsense," performed by a cast of four, explores artists’ creative process. "Nonsense" is like a piece of freeform prose, capturing the special ideas that often come to mind and cleverly connecting them through circus arts. Using the body as a medium and acrobatic movement as a form of expression, the work reveals the artist’s desire to be understood and to express their emotions.

Acrobatics challenges conventional physical movements with precision and combines theater, physicality, and music to create a new form of art. Acrobatics is physical thought and spatial fluidity, breaking the boundaries of conventional imagination and prompting new ways of thinking. It serves as a medium for expressing abstract thoughts.

Inspired by the Hong Kong extradition bill protests, the company's second production, "Eternal Right (永恆權利)," performed by a cast of six, explores how familiar rules can strip individuals of their bodily autonomy. This work signifies 0471 Acro Physical Theatre's intention to break the boundaries of reasonable physicality and explore the limits of frameworks within rules. By using superhuman physicality, they aim to establish an extraordinary imagination and generate discussions about bodily freedom.

Returning to the essence of duo acrobatics, the company’s third production, "Duo," symbolizes an infinite loop (∞) and aims to move towards a state of symbiosis and co-existence. The unique qualities of each performer are like two independent circles, tightly intertwined to establish an inseparable relationship. The work presents the interaction between two individuals and seeks balance within their solitude. When acrobats no longer perform solely for the sake of difficult techniques, “humanity” will be reintegrated into acrobatic movement.

In 2021, the company collaborated with visual artist Hsiao Yu-chi (蕭禹琦) for their new work, "Through the Cracks of Time (流逝指縫間)." This collaboration transforms the performance space into an immersive exhibition, allowing the audience to experience it firsthand. The performers cover themselves in baby oil to reduce friction and explore how acrobatics can be showcased. Presented in an exhibition-like format, the audience can freely move around and observe the performers’ bodies up close. From installation art to physical performance, “Through the Cracks of Time” conveys emotions and relationships between people, bridging the connection between artists and viewers.

With its characteristic small-scale experimental performances, 0471 Acro Physical Theatre aims to continue developing multi-person stacking acrobatics. They utilize experiences in professional acrobatic talent cultivation, international exchanges, and production to build their team brand. In 2022, they launched the "Stacking Technique Training System Research Project" to develop stacking acrobatics through training and creation, creating artistic and commercially viable performances, bringing a more diverse circus art scene to Taiwan.