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Very Theatre

  • Date:2024-03-07
Teatime with Me, Myself and I

Chinese Name: 狠劇場

Established: 2013

Founder: Chou Tung-yen (周東彥)



Did You Know That…?

Very Theatre’s founder Chou Tung-yen makes interdisciplinary works of film and theater designs. He was nominated for Best Documentary twice in the Golden Horse Awards for his outstanding documentary films. 



The multimedia theater production company, Very Theatre, was founded by film and theater director Chou Tung-yen. Comprised of members proficient in both theater and film production, the company’s works often explore contemporary life and society. Utilizing cutting-edge technology in digital media production, they create the narrative space where reality and fiction juxtapose. In addition to giving performances, they actively cultivate collaborative relationships with prominent art organizations and artist groups, with the goal of engaging with the international art community to enhance Taiwan’s artistic landscape and capabilities, while also delivering innovative audiovisual experiences to local audiences.


Their excellent works were frequently showcased in both local and international art festivals. For instance, in 2013, “Emptied Memories (空的記憶)” clinched the gold award in the Interactive and New Media category at the World Stage Design Awards. Forming part of the performing arts digital experiment plan from 2011 to 2012, this piece emerged from director Chou’s exploration of memories and space through theater and film. Centered on the themes of “emptiness” and “memories,” director Chou collaborated with renowned choreographer Chou Shu-yi (周書毅) to conceive this work. They employed technologies such as 360° photography, real-time image processing, digital sensors, and wireless staging to construct a virtual yet tangible “empty space.” This production emphasizes the transformation of the external world propelled by the physical movements of the performer, creating visual parallels with abstract internal states and presenting the organic flow of the mental landscape.


Meanwhile, “Teatime with Me, Myself and I (我和我的午茶時光)” has garnered invitations to perform in ten cities across five countries, totaling 40 shows to date. It was the sole Asian piece selected for the Digital Arts Award at the 2016 Bains Numériques Festival. Additionally, in 2017, it was invited to showcase at the World Stage Design and perform at the World Puppet Theatre Festival in France. The show creatively integrates familiar smart devices such as iPhones and iPads with cloud and multimedia technologies, offering a performance where two performers embark on a real-time journey across time and space. Audience participation is encouraged as they share teatime moments through social media and enjoy fresh cups of coffee, breaking the boundaries of traditional stage plays by seamlessly transitioning between physical and virtual realms. Through this innovative and transformative approach, the creators put the spotlight on digital devices and aim to redefine the role of multimedia in stage performances. 


The “Chronicle of Light Year: Taipei-Copenhagen (光年紀事)” is a collaborative work between Very Theatre and the Danish art group Culture Yard. This innovative production utilizes smart projection equipment known as the 4D Box, blending international expertise in theater, film, physical performance, and technology to craft a captivating visual experience. Premiering at the Taipei Arts Festival and the Ars Electronica in Austria in 2018, the show embarked on a successful tour in Denmark the following year, including a performance at the opening of the Click Festival. Garnering praise worldwide, Lin Hwai-min (林懷民), the founder of Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theater (雲門舞集), hailed the production as a significant achievement for Taiwanese theater. Notably, as Taiwan’s first 4D Box theater production, it intricately weaves dream-like states through smart projectors, evoking nostalgic memories and enchanting fairy tales.


Furthering their international collaborative experience, Very Theatre partnered with Dutch institutions, the Grand Theatre Groningen and the WERC Collective, to develop and produce “Facing Cities (城市之臉),” and collaborated with Act Now Theatre from Australia to stage “Virtual Intimacy (虛擬親密).” In “Facing Cities,” renowned dancer Yu Yen-fang (余彥芳) was invited to collaborate in creating the choreography. The production explores the nuances of globalized modern digital life, utilizing everyday technology such as video conferencing, motion sensors, and 3D printing. These elements construct a digital tunnel linking two cities, enabling direct communication between audiences from both locations during the performance. Chou Tung-yen and Edwin Kemp Attril, the directors of the show, engaged in a process of self-questioning, establishing connections with queer individuals and highlighting their life stories. Throughout the performance, they answered intimate questions from the audience in real time through their phones. Additionally, performers interpret various life passages and situations, enriching the narrative.