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Hakka Singer | Lai Pi-hsia

  • Publish Date:2015-11-09
Hakka Singer | Lai Pi-hsia

Did You Know That ... ?

  • As a representative figure for traditional Hakka mountain songs,Lai Pi-hsia (also spelled "Lai Bi-xia") had made outstanding contributions in collecting, recording, promoting, and teaching Hakka mountain songs and in the preserving of precious Taiwanese music cultural assets.

  • She studied Hakka mountain songs for decades and founded Hakka folk songs classes to teach the three major types of traditional Hakka tunes and the three-role tea-picking opera.

  • Upon her designation as a "Living National Treasure,” she immediately launched the "Lai Pi-hsia Hakka mountain songs program,” making the continuation of Hakka mountain songs and Hakka cultural heritage her lifetime work.

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