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Lacquer Artists | Wang Hsien-min & Wang Hsien-zhi

  • Publish Date:2016-09-29
Lacquer Artists | Wang Hsien-min & Wang Hsien-zhi

Did You Know That ...?

  • Wang Hsien-min (王賢民) and Wang Hsien-zhi (王賢志) are the sons of acclaimed lacquer painter Wang Ching-shuang (王清霜). Together, they form a formidable force in the contemporary development of Taiwanese crafts.

  • The origin of lacquer arts can be traced back to the Warring States period (戰國時代), in which the lightness and durability of lacquerware were applied to religious figurines.

  • Even today, lacquer arts remain deeply rooted in Asian aesthetics, as the so-called lacquer tree (Toxicodendron vernicifluum) only thrives in warm or tropical regions.

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