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Rush Weaver | Cheng Mei-yu

  • Publish Date:2016-10-28
Rush Weaver | Cheng Mei-yu

Did You Know That …?

  • Cheng Mei-yu (鄭梅玉) is the prized pupil of Lin Huang-jiao (林黃嬌), one of the forerunners who helped transform rush-weaving into an art form.

  • Cheng started taking lessons from Lin at the age of 40, but her natural affinity for weaving shone through, and in a few years' time she began to garner national crafts awards.

  • Apart from rush sculptures depicting local aspects of Taiwan culture, Cheng has also created rush handbags, cellphone carriers, and figurines inspired by the people around her.

Read more about the rush weaver here or scroll down for pictures of her handiwork.