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2022 Taiwan Art Biennial: "Love and Death of Sentient Beings"

  • Publish Date:2022-11-14
2022 Taiwan Art Biennial:

"Love and Death of Sentient Beings─2022 Taiwan Art Biennial" organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) kicked off on Nov. 5. Tjimur Dance Theatre (蒂摩爾古薪舞集) and Lin Wen-chung (林文中) jointly performed "Go Paiwan (去排灣)" while MeimageDance (何曉玫) performed "New Paradise of Silent Island (默島新樂園)” at the opening ceremony.

Since 2008, the Taiwan Art Biennial has been reflecting on the role of art in society and how contemporary artists endeavored to unravel the issues humans face. This year, curators Manray Hsu (徐文瑞) and Chang I-wen (張懿文), who are experts respectively in the fields of visual and performing arts, will take the audience on a journey of exploration of sentience and discuss the evolving relationship between technology and sentient beings.

A total of 32 artists/groups will be interpreting Taiwan through various media and perspectives under four topics "The Ecology of Modern Technology - The Lost Space as Metaphor," "Re-Weaving the Cosmos - Presence of Contemporary Indigeneity," "Body as Battleground - The Discipline of History," and "Love and Death of Sentient Beings - The Return of Animism."