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ISSUE #520
Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist Joyce Ho will be showcasing her installations and performing art pieces until Jun. 27 in New York City, as part of Asia Society Triennial titled "We Do Not Dream Alone," which will take place in multiple venues including the Asia Society Museum, New-York Historical Society, Park Avenue Malls, and Time Square Arts.
The sculptures of Taiwanese artists Wu Ching and Huang Fu-shou, which include 17 poetic gold sculptures and 27 carvings that show a surprising range of jade's colors, will be presented at a virtual exhibition titled "Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan" at the Bowers Museum in California.
The Taiwan Pavilion jointly organized and curated by the NTMoFA, Divooe Zein Architects, and Double-Grass International Co. at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy, revolving around the theme of "Primitive Migration from/to Taiwan," is set to run until Nov. 21.
Ministry Updates
Culture Minister mourns loss of architect Wang Chiu-hwa
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te expressed his condolences over the demise of architect Wang Chiu-hwa who passed away on June 14 at the age of 96, having dedicated herself to architectural education and profession for nearly 60 years.
Taiwanese illustrator wins Bologna Illustration award
Culture Minister Lee Yung-te offered his congratulations to Taiwanese illustrator Cho Pei-hsin, whose work "Crown Shyness" was named winner of the 11th edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair - Fundación SM International Award for Illustration.
NTMoFA presents video series and essays on fine arts
To provide the public easy access to the arts amid the COVID-19 pandemic, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has launched a series of online art resources titled "Let's go back to NTMoFA!," "Inspiring Essays on NTMoFA Collections," and "Taiwan Fine Arts Puzzle-Sunten Collection Bilingual Website."
Cultural Features
Since publishing his first book, "Taiwan Railways: A Nostalgic Journey," in 1998, Su Jau-shi has continued to deliver an astonishing two books a year on average, constantly pouring his heart and soul into his work. Thus far, he has some 48 books on railways to his name, making him the world’s most published expert on railways in Traditional Chinese.
Expert on Railway Culture | Su Jau-shi
The Wufeng Lin Family’s Gongbaodi is the only remaining Qing Dynasty official residence in Taiwan, having been home to Lin Wencha, who had been appointed head of the waterways. Since its construction began in 1858, it has been an iconic southern Fujian-styled official residence.
National Historic Site | Wufeng Lin Family Garden
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