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ISSUE #535
As part of the George Town Festival, the 3rd edition of "Isle to Isle," organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, and curated by the Penang City Eye, will be held at the Whiteaways Arcade in Penang, Malaysia from Sep. 24 to Oct. 7.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and associated with Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association, the exhibition "Lines of Possibilities: Taiwanese Rush Weaving" has been specially curated for London Craft Week 2021, which will run from Oct. 4 to 10, taking place at over 200 separate locations across the city and on its website.
Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei's live performance work "Sonic Blossom" is set to be exhibited at Helsinki's Ateneum Art Museum, Finland's best-known art museum, marking Taiwan's first exhibition at the venue. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, the exhibition will run from Sep. 24 to Oct. 24.
Ministry Updates
14 new preservers of important traditional arts and crafts
The Ministry of Culture's Bureau of Cultural Heritage held the "Annual Award Certification Ceremony for Preservers of Important Traditional Art" on Sep. 25, which recognized 14 individuals as preservers of important traditional crafts and living national treasures.
Titled "Say Hi to the World," the Fresh Taiwan project led by the Ministry of Culture established online branding sites, and cooperated with platforms that serve as indicators in Europe and Japan to help Taiwanese cultural and creative brands take initiatives.
2021 Taipei Fashion Week SS22 to debut on Oct. 3
"2021 Taipei Fashion Week SS22" will kick off on Oct. 3, using Chunghwa Telecom's 5G network services to connect fashion shows and art performances, and perform real-time shows in different places to provide a new integrated experience across various fields.
Cultural Features
Paul Chiang's early works mainly use gray and black tones, and emphasize the layering and texture of the paints. Works from this period are also known as his "blocked window works." Since his return to Taiwan, he has completed iconic series such as "Hundred Year Temple" and "Silver Lake." In 2008, he moved to Taitung, where the bright natural light and the seaside aroused a different side of his creative imagination, prompting him to explore and find the most appropriate ways to respond to color, creating the colorful series "Pisilian," "On the Wings of Song," and "Jinzun." His painting style has shifted from somber, minimalist, even monochromatic compositions to ones that express contemplation and observation of nature and the experience of life through the use of color and brushwork.
Artist | Paul Chiang
Wang Shi-lang's works, building on his anarchic tendencies, were rife with critique of realism as a style, and he used his short fiction to depict the stories of social activists, laborers, bank tellers, prostitutes, and other such people. Combining his personal experience and the times in which he lived, his writings reflected the reality of society and the sometimes brutal repression of social movements. After the war, he branched out into children's literature, folk stories, Taiwanese folk culture, and the people and history of Taiwan. His writings on children’s literature have proven a tremendous contribution to the study of Japanese-era history and folk culture, earning him the sobriquet "Taiwan's Hans Christian Andersen."
Taiwan New Literature Writer | Wang Shi-lang
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