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ISSUE #614
The Taiwan Philharmonic, also known as the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) in its homeland, is one of the first international orchestras being presented by the New York Philharmonic in David Geffen Hall as part of their tour in April. The tour is being led by new Music Director Jun Märkl.
To highlight the openness, diversity and queer culture of Taiwanese society, the 2023 Queer East Festival, in collaboration with the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, is showcasing a selection of Taiwanese audiovisual works at eight venues in London from April 18 to 30.
The Old School Kung Fu Fest is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Taiwanese wuxia movies in New York City. Highlights include the U.S. premiere of "The King of Wuxia," a documentary about the famous director King Hu, as well as a new digital restoration of Joseph Kuo's "The Swordsman of All Swordsmen."
Ministry Updates
Taiwan Week 2023, a biannual conference held by the National Theater & Concert Hall, began on April 9, featuring a week of performances by Taiwanese performing arts troupes while playing host to 44 international curators representing prominent performing arts theaters of 14 countries/regions.  
42 dance groups from 15 countries will present a total of 74 shows at the three-day Want to Dance Festival from April 21 to 23, bringing vitality to Wanhua District, a historical region of Taipei City. The performances will be simultaneously presented at Wan Theater and 16 non-traditional theaters.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Pingtung County announced on April 14 that the permanent exhibition "Tobacco Factory and Smoked Memories" at the Pingtung 1936 Tobacco Culture Base has won the prestigious iF Design Award 2023 under the category of Cultural Exhibitions.
Cultural Features
Chen Fu-chiang is one of the few shell inlay craftsmen currently working in Taiwan. His father, Chen Chi-sheng, was a shell inlay craftsman who came to Taiwan from Hong Kong in the 1950s, and the younger Chen, who also showed a talent for drawing and art, developed a deep interest in woodcarving and shell inlay through his father. Once he reached high school, his father took him under his wing, teaching him the craft.
Spring River Performing Arts Troupe, originally called Spring Sun Performing Arts Troupe, takes a female perspective on the performing arts, injecting the unique softness and resilience of women and incorporating deeper themes into its productions. The troupe's president and founder, Lang Tsu-yun, has been brave enough to experiment with various theatrical styles, becoming a pioneer in the theater scene.
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