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ISSUE #541
Organized by the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany and the Kunsthalle Winterthur art museum, Taiwanese contemporary artist Su Hui-yu's two comprehensive video installations will be on view at the museum in Switzerland until Nov. 14.
To expand the channels for promoting Taiwanese books in Japan, the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo has organized the "Taiwan Book Fair" from Oct. 15 to the end of November, connecting 20 independent bookstores in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Nagano, Aichi, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Kagawa, Tottori, and Fukuoka, among others.
The Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in Italy and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Roma Tre University will jointly launch the "Translation and Promotion Plan of TV Series Adapted from Taiwan Classic Literature" at the Roma Tre University from Oct. 14 to Dec. 9.
Ministry Updates
NMTL holds book launch for TCA
To mark the 100th founding anniversary of the Taiwanese Cultural Association, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature has published "The Guide to the 100 Scenic Spots of Taiwanese Cultural Association." The book launch was held at the Taiwan Literature Base on Nov. 5.
Training courses to preserve Payuan stone slab houses
The Bureau of Cultural Heritage organized a results ceremony to showcase the final outcome of the "Payuan Stone Slab House Technique Transmission Workshop," which is part of the Stone Slab House Restoration Talent Cultivation Highlights Presentation Project.
Weiwuying holds Most Influential Women
Weiwuying is hosting Taiwan's first Women of the World Festival around the core ideas of #ConnectedDialogue, #EmpathyThroughTransposition, and #CelebratoryCocreation from Nov. 5 to 14, which will include 32 activities and programs, such as lectures, participatory performances, and body and movement workshops, in an effort to break the shackles of convention, tear off gender labels, and allow the public to explore how to truly make gender equality a reality.
Cultural Features
The Xinzhuang Phase 1 building is designed around the concept of "a montage of space and time," symbolizing the future of film and creating a high-tech feel. The building is set to go into trial operations in October 2021, before formally opening in December the same year.
Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute Xinzhuang - Phase 1
The Bopiliao Historic Block was formed in the early Qing Dynasty in the eponymous settlement. With a history that spans the Qing, Japanese, and Republic of China eras, it boasts a mix of architectural styles from each of these different periods, although mostly Qing Dynasty shophouses ranging from one to three stories and pailou-fronted buildings from the Japanese period. The streets themselves are about three meters wide and slightly curved, unlike the straight, wide roads that were opened up during Japanese rule. The buildings and street spaces have borne witness to centuries of development in what is now Taipei City’s Wanhua District and are of particular historical significance.
Bopiliao Historic Block
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