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ISSUE #617
France-based Taiwanese sound artist Lin Chi-wei is partnering with the Swiss chamber choir L'Académie vocale de Suisse romande to present five performances until May 13 at the Festival De Bande Dessinée Lausanne (BDFIL), an international comic strip festival held in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Taipei Culture Center in New York and PEN America proudly invite the renowned Taiwanese writer Kevin Chen to talk about his critically acclaimed novel "Ghost Town" at the 2023 PEN World Voices Festival, taking place from May 10 to 13.
As part of the 2023 Craft Week, the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute (NTCRI) will be showcasing over 30 sets of weaving works that reflect Taiwan's rich cultural diversity under the theme of "Weaving Taiwan: The Multicultural Textiles and Baskets" at Cromwell Place in London from May 10 to 14.
Ministry Updates
The Ministry of Culture's newly launched website, "Cultural Exchanges under the New Southbound Policy (NSP)," is now available in English and Chinese. Over the years, the MOC has made significant efforts in promoting the New Southbound Policy and has achieved fruitful results. 
The contemporary art biennale "Green Island Human Rights Art Festival" is set to kick off from May 17 to Sep. 17 at the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park. The exhibition "Listening to the Overtones of Fissures" will showcase 15 newly commissioned creations by 22 groups of international and domestic artists.
On May 6, Culture Minister Shih Che attended the 5th anniversary celebration of Changhua's Taiwanese Language Creative Park, and expressed gratitude to Care Culture and Education Foundation chairman Chou Ching-yu and Presidential Office Senior Advisor Yao Chia-wen for their efforts to promote the Taiwanese language.
Cultural Features
Ling Yu, who creates Chinese-language poetry, also has a great love for Western contemporary literature. She particularly admires Russian literature and the literatures of South America. She has read and reread the works of Russian writer of Ukrainian origin Nikolai Gogol, and playwright Anton Chekhov. As for South American writers, her favorite is the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.
The New Formosa Band is a singing duo that was formed in 1992 by Taiwanese singers Bobby Chen and Ayugo Huang. They mainly perform in Taiwanese and Hakka, and their first album, "The Passionate Man," was released in 1992 and became a hit due to its unique blend of traditional and innovative elements. When releasing their fourth album, they added a new member, Paiwan singer Vanga Vang Divug, also known as A-Van, and became a trio.
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