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ISSUE #507
In a highly interactive website, TAICCA will present six immersive art pieces by Taiwanese artists to participate in virtual South By Southwest (SXSW), the world's largest innovative creative content exhibition in the US.
The 2021 Taiwan International Light Festival (TILF) will explore theme of "Silver Lining" amidst uncertainties, taking place at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) in Taichung through Mar. 28.
Five award-winning Taiwanese films will be presented at the 12th Asian Pop-Up Cinema (APUC) in Chicago from Mar. 15 through May 1. These five films reflect the diverse storytelling seen throughout Taiwan's film industry in recent years.
Ministry Updates
The Illustrators Exhibition held at the Bologna Children's Book Fair this year selected a total of 77 illustrators from across the world, eight of whom are from Taiwan, continuing the impressive precedent of past years where Taiwanese illustrators have garnered worldwide recognition.
25th Taiwan-France Cultural Award selects two winners
The "Taiwan-France Cultural Award," jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences under the Institut de France, selected two winners at its 25th awards ceremony in recognition of the role they played in the fields of humanities, literary publishing and cultural exchange.
NTMoFA announces exhibition on overseas Taiwanese art
NTMoFA holds press conference to announce upcoming exhibition "Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas – The homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection," where overseas Taiwanese art pieces donated by Sun Ten Museum in Irvine, California will be on display.
Cultural Features
"Becoming an artist has given me the chance to live in the way I want to, outside of the standard paths to success that society lays out," Chen Han-sheng has said.
New Media Artist | Chen Han-sheng
Symbolism in art is a visual language used to depict pictures. Idas Losin is an indigenous painter who is extremely passionate about people and the social environment. Every special symbol or picture drawn by her represents the history of a language, an ethnic group or an individual.
Artist | Idas Losin
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