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ISSUE #597
With the support of the Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris, Taiwan-based Malaysian director Tsai Ming-liang will present an installation art and film retrospective exhibition titled "une quête" at the Centre Pompidou in France from Nov. 25, 2022, to Jan. 2, 2023.
From Nov. 26 to Jan. 22, 2023, an exhibition focusing on the century-old history of Taiwan's rental bookstores and manga is at the Kitakyushu Manga Museum in Japan. In Taiwan, rental bookstores began in 1895 during the Japanese colonial era and trace a similar history to that of Japan.
A total of 28 art pieces by Taiwanese craftsmen of different generations are displayed at an exhibition under the theme of "Green Talk—Taiwan Craft So Well" at Twin Oaks Estate in Washington D.C. from Oct. 5, 2022, to Jan. 31, 2023. The exhibition aims to spark conversations revolving around three aspects.
Ministry Updates
Woodcarver Li Bing-gui awarded top national crafts award
Woodcarver Li Bing-gui was awarded the National Crafts Achievement Award, the highest honor in Taiwan's craft industry, for his extraordinary achievements and selfless dedication in the field of craftsmanship at a ceremony held at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute on Dec. 11.
MOC pays tributes to political victims on Human Rights Day
A special ceremony was held at the National Human Rights Museum on Dec. 10 to mark this year's Human Rights Day. Culture Minister Lee Yung-te stressed that MOC will speed up various research, investigations and promotion on the work of oral history and the review for the Historical Sites of Injustice.
Taiwan & Czechia ink MOU, boosting literary exchanges
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the Moravian Library of the Czech Republic signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) virtually on Dec. 9, marking another milestone to boost bilateral collaboration with a focus on culture and literature.
Cultural Features
In 2022, traditional gong craftsman Lin Lieh-hui and his younger brother Lin Lieh-chi were registered as preservers of the important traditional craft of gong-making by the Yilan County Government. Lin Lieh-hui was born in Yilan County in 1943. His father, Lin Wu, opened an iron factory in the area, mainly undertaking work such as blacksmithing, sheet metal working, and agricultural machinery repair. Lin Lieh-hui was the second child.
Preserver of Gong-making|Lin Lieh-hui
The Wu Zhuo-liu Literary Museum was established in 2003 to commemorate its namesake's literary contributions to Taiwan literature. As a new landmark of Hakka literature in Miaoli's Xihu Township, the museum strings together local art, culture, and landscape to promote new cultural and literary creations. Born in 1900, Wu Zhou-liu was a prominent novelist, poet, and reporter of Hakka descent.
Wu Zhuo-liu Literary Museum
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