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ISSUE #598
With support from the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney, an online exhibition "Returning: Chapter 2" co-curated by Sydney Opera House and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab is available from Feb. 23 through Dec. 30.
Taiwanese new media artist Huang Hsin-chien presents his solo exhibition titled "The Data We Called Home" at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York for the first time from Sep. 23, 2022 to Feb. 28, 2023. In the show, Huang explores spiritual, political, and literary themes in four virtual reality films, sculptures, and videos.
"Nature Matters," a new art exhibition co-organized by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States and Art Bank Taiwan, features the works of eight Taiwanese artists who specialize in modern art at Twin Oaks Estate in Washington D.C. from Aug. 12, 2022, until July 2023.
Ministry Updates
Inaugural Community Empowerment Awards ceremony
The inaugural Community Empowerment Awards ceremony, an event that shines the spotlight on individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to the community, was held on Dec. 13 by the Ministry of Culture. This year, a total of 138 applications were submitted, vying for the four major awards.
Taiwan welcomes three more
The Ministry of Culture recently honored craftsmen Hsu Ming-he, Lee Ching-hai, and Su Ching-liang as the preserver of important traditional craftsmanship. Up to December 2022, 16 preservers in 10 different categories were verified as the "National Living Treasure."
Photographer wins gold medals at NY Photography Awards
Taiwanese photographer Wang Chen-che won impressive nine gold medals at the New York Photography Awards for three of his photographic works. The gold-winning pieces are images of temples and religious festivals in Taiwan. MOC said that Wang's works feature Taiwan's local culture and fully demonstrate the beauty of folk customs.
Cultural Features
Born in 1940, Peng Shiou-jing is a veteran Luantan opera performer. As a child, Peng grew up in a family that struggled financially. To reduce her parents' financial burden, Peng was adopted by a Yang family, and it was because her adoptive parents were Luantan Opera performers that she ultimately developed an indissoluble bond with traditional opera.
Luantan Opera Performer | Peng Shiou-jing
Ming Hwa Yuan has been touted as the "alternative voice of China” by French daily Le Figaro. Established in 1929 by Chen Ming-chi, Ming Hwa Yuan is the leading troupe in the performance genre of Taiwanese opera (Kua á hí), a locally developed style of drama in Taiwan. After Chen's death, the troupe continued as a family-owned opera presided by Chen's son Chen Sheng-fu.
Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group
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