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ISSUE #622
The 2023 Tribeca Film Festival is held this June in New York City. The Festival presents a total of 13 innovative extended reality (XR) projects from around the world. "Over the Rainbow" and "Colored," two Taiwanese XR works, have been selected for the New Voices Competition.
With the support of the Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan and the National Culture and Arts Foundation, an exhibition featuring collaborative artworks of three Taiwanese artists is held at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Japan from June 3 to Sep. 3.
The artwork "Ngialibalibade to the Lost Myth" by Taiwanese indigenous artist Eleng Luluan is exhibited at the 12th edition of Liverpool Biennale, a renowned contemporary visual art exhibition in the UK, from June 10 to Sep. 17. The artwork is based on a legendary tale of Rukai society.
Ministry Updates
The Ministry of Culture announced on June 12 that the current director of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), Liao Jen-I, is set to retire from his position on July 1. Professor Chen Kuang-yi, the dean of the College of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan University of Arts, has been seconded to assume the role.  
The Taiwan Pavilion stood out among the pool of over 40 participating exhibitors and won the Best Design Medal at the London Design Biennale, which is being held at the city's iconic Somerset House until June 25. The medal was presented by the international jury on the first day of the fair.
Taiwan has been collaborating with the London-based art residency institution, Delfina Foundation, to carry out residency programs for Taiwanese artists and curators. This year, artist Lee Tzu-Tung stood out among over a hundred applicants and will embark on a summer residency in London.
Cultural Features
Yin Zi-jie is skilled in using various media, such as wood, iron sculpture, leather, photography, and video, to express her artistic vision. Using relational aesthetics as a context, Yin attempts to reduce the subjectivity of the artist in her creations, blending the relationships between the venue, the artwork, and the audience, creating a social environment in which viewers gather together to participate and experience.
At the beginning of 2022, Firefly Bookhouse, founded by Yeh Chia-hao, obtained Social Return on Investment certification from UK organization Social Value International. In September of the same year, Yeh was honored with the first Community Empowerment Innovation Award. This young man built a bookhouse from the garbage heap of his hometown, helped fireflies find their way home, and continues to tell the sustainable story.
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