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ISSUE #592
Supported by Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo, Taiwanese renowned art team Luxury Logico participates in the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2022 with its art project "Fly! no matter what." For the first time, Luxury Logico's works will be shown in Japan.
The traveling exhibition "Taiwan on Tour (TATO)" features 26 works by 8 Taiwanese illustrators at four festivals including ILLUSTRI Festival in Vicenza, Graphic Days in Torino, Fruit Exhibition in Bologna, and BookCity in Milan from June 25 to Nov. 20.
Following the success of the solo exhibition by world-renowned photographer Thomas Ruff last year, a large-scale solo exhibition "Erwin Olaf: Perfect Moment – Incomplete World," curated by the Suwon Museum of Art in South Korea, is presenting at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan from Aug. 13 through Nov. 27.
Ministry Updates
TCCF explores int
The 3rd Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), a key B2B content marketplace in Asia, is currently available online and offline, featuring four programs of pitching, market, innovations and forum, with the aim of driving collaboration between homegrown and foreign talents.
Three win Taiwan-France award for their cultural efforts
The 26th Taiwan-France Cultural Award will be presented to veteran pianist Chen Yu-xiu, who was honored with a Taiwan-France Special Contribution award; German translator Thilo Diefenbach; and associate professor Charlotte Pollet of the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.
NSO music director donates western rare books to Taiwan
Cultural Features
Aiming to provide medical services to Taiwan's indigenous communities, Tuobasi Tamapima voluntarily gave up a high-paying position as a doctor to practice medicine in remote rural Taiwan. He has practiced in Taitung's Changbin Township and Orchid Island, at Hualien Hospital, and in the Namaxia and Taoyuan Townships of Kaohsiung County, and for his work, he has earned himself the sobriquet "Taiwan's Indigenous Schweitzer."
Author|Tuobasi Tamapima
Taiwan Sound Lab aims to become an important institution that combines sound, technology, art, and culture, and can explore the possibilities of sound art based on scientific research and technological innovation. The lab will serve as a new platform for talent cultivation, research and development, and co-creation between artists, engineers, and inter-disciplinary creators.
Taiwan Sound Lab
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