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ISSUE #584
With the assistance of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, this year's Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, showcases its prize-winning artworks at the River City Bangkok, Thailand from Sep. 6 to 25.
Taiwanese artist Chang En-man presents her work "Floating system for Snails," one of her series of works based on "giant African snail," at the Fulda river as part of the 15th edition of Documenta, the famed quinquennial exhibition that takes place in a German city of Kassel from June 18 through Sep. 25.
From July 1 to Sep. 30, a special exhibition "First Wave: Contemporary Australian and Taiwanese Indigenous Fashion Exhibition" showcases the ways in which the First Nation/Indigenous Peoples of Australia and Taiwan, who share a history of colonial experiences, advocate for their own definitions of style through fashion design.
Ministry Updates
Shortlist announced for Television Golden Bell Awards
The nominees for the 57th Golden Bell Awards (GBA) in the television category were announced at a press conference on Sep. 7 at the Sanlih Cultural and Creative Theatre. According to the Ministry of Culture, 140 companies and 1,976 works registered to compete in GBA's television category this year.
Taiwan-Japan museums collaborate in indigenous research
To deepen bilateral collaboration in research and academic resource sharing, the National Museum of Prehistory signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan's Tokushima Prefectural Torii Ryuzo Memorial Museum via video conference on Sep. 13.
The VR film "The Man Who Couldn't Leave" by director Singing Chen won the Venice Immerse Best Experience in the Venice Immersive Competition section at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on Sep. 10. The film tells a story about people who stood their ground and fought against the political repression in Taiwan in the 1950s.
Cultural Features
Chiu Chen, a music creator and advocate for public issues, was the leader and guitarist of Taiwan's first homegrown rock band Chiu Chiu, inaugurating a new chapter in the Taiwanese music scene. In addition to being a musician, Chiu was also a social activist, giving voice to the people through music, dedicating himself to Taiwanese culture and democracy, and devoting his energies to keeping his mother tongue alive and thriving.
Veteran Musician | Chiu Chen
The theater troupe Workshop in Heaven is built around a love of the world and attempts to create theater art that is characterized by healing, comfort, and persuasion and to develop an artistic creation space that allows theater workers who love the art to fully unleash their creative capabilities. Workshop in Heaven's works are richly creative and powerfully executed, always coming through with a style and taste distinctively that of the troupe.
Workshop in Heaven 
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