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ISSUE #591
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Taiwan Academy of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, the "Whispers of Trees" music concert launches its first US tour in November 2022, focusing on trees and consisting of the conducted recording, filming, soundscaping, and music writing in Kaohsiung.
For the first time, with support from the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo under the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan, the Tokyo International Film Festival is collaborating with Tokyo FILMeX to organize the "Tsai Ming-liang 30th Anniversary Tribute" program to honor the Taiwan-based Malaysian filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang.
The 5th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in Thailand is separated into two parts, the main event in Bangkok was held from Oct. 26 to Oct. 30; whereas the screenings in Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Songkhla takes place from Nov 4 to 6. The lineup includes six documentaries, five feature films, and a program comprised of five shorts.
Ministry Updates
MOC recommends 28 routes to promote cultural tourism
The Ministry of Culture participated in this year's Taipei International Travel Fair with the theme of "Let Culture Lead the Way." Based on the routes featured at 2021 ITF, the MOC expanded its cooperation with travel agencies this year and launched an itinerary that covers 28 routes, providing visitors with a unique cultural experience.
Iconic nude sculpture inducted into Museum of Fine Arts
Carved by late sculptor Huang Tu-shui, the iconic nude sculpture "Water of Immortality" was inducted into the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts on Oct. 29. The statue is displayed to the right of the museum's entrance, while "The Water Buffalo," another sculpture by Huang, is displayed at the other end of the exhibition hall.
Taiwan author Kevin Chen
German-based Taiwanese author Kevin Chen recently visited the US to give four author talks in New York and Washington, D.C., to discuss his best-selling novel "Ghost Town." The talks were well-received by participants and Chen will return to New York for an additional session on Nov. 4.
Cultural Features
Lawa Piheg was the last person in Taiwan who had the full-faced tattoo that represents the traditional culture of the indigenous Atayal ethnic group, for whom face tattooing is an important custom that symbolizes the rite of passage. In 2016, Lawa was registered by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage as a preserver of Taiwan's intangible cultural heritage.
Preserver of Atayal Facial Tattooing | Lawa Piheg
The Tamsui Historical Museum in New Taipei City plays the role of both custodian and promoter of Tamsui's culture and art, something with far-reaching significance for the cultural development of New Taipei City. The museum emphasizes public participation and local experiential learning, integrating and innovating local resources through the museum’s fundamental functions to create a close connection with the lives of the public.
Tamsui Historical Museum
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