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ISSUE #588
Two novel Taiwanese experimental arts programs are showcased at the 40th Melbourne Fringe Festival from Oct. 13 to 15, including "IT-ME TIME Traveller Beta Live x Social Dis Dance" by queer artist Betty Apple and "Machine Folklore" by interdisciplinary new media art teams Software2050 and NAXS FUTURE.
The exhibition "Eye of the storm" is currently on display at Le Lieu Unique, the national center for contemporary arts and music venue in France. In response to the volatile politics and pandemic that have affected the world over the past three years, the exhibition explores Taiwan's vibrant and diverse contemporary art scene.
Taiwanese new media artist Huang Hsin-chien's inaugural solo exhibition titled "The Data We Called Home" is on display at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York City. The exhibition showcases four large-scale virtual reality (VR) journeys to display Huang's award-winning works in recent years.
Ministry Updates
Publisher wins Golden Tripod Special Contribution Award
The Ministry of Culture announced the winners of the 46th Golden Tripod Award for Publications and the Special Contribution Award was bestowed to the founder of Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc., Wei Sue-jean. This year, 30 works were awarded and 61 outstanding publications were selected for recommendation out of 1,279 entries.
Taiwan comic artists to join Japan residency program
Taiwanese comic artists, Yuzu and Peter Mann, were selected for the "2022 Kitakyushu Artist-in-Residence Program," which is a first-time collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and the Kitakyushu City Government of Japan. Their one-month residency in the Japanese city will start on Nov. 7.
Traditional opera academician Tseng Yung-yi passes away
Traditional opera academician of the Academia Sinica Tseng Yung-yi passed away on Oct. 10 at the age of 81. Tseng devoted his life to preserving and promoting traditional theater culture through academic publications and literary creations, as well as cultural heritage preservation and international exchanges.
Cultural Features
Whyte, known for her distinctly chill style, kept her appearance a closely guarded secret in her past performances and public appearances, choosing to perform in large hats and sunglasses to hide her face. Her languid voice and laid-back "chillhop" style, characterized by a combination of musical influences from a broad range of genres have seen her carve out a unique niche for herself as she has gone on to capture the nation's attention.
Singer | Whyte
Located in Taipei, the Taiwan Comic Base was renovated from an old building to serve as a foundational cornerstone for developing Taiwan's comics industry. The base now displays and sells original Taiwan comic products on the first floor, holds exhibitions and events on the second and third floors, and uses the fourth floor for comic artists to create new works, interact with peers, and cultivate assistants.
Taiwan Comic Base
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