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ISSUE #643
The Oku-Noto Triennale 2023 is now open, presenting Taiwanese art team Luxury Logico's installation, "Home Whispering." Held in the Suzu City of the Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, this Triennale is curated by famed curator Fram Kitagawa.
Jointly organized by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Osaka University Taiwan Research Project, and Minoh City Semba Library, an exhibition of Japanese translations of Taiwanese authors’ works is staged at the Osaka University Library.
Organized by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, "On the Road to Freedom – A Special Exhibition on Taiwanese Literature" is open at the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague. This exhibition will also tour in Slovakia and Hungary.
Ministry Updates
The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute has announced the winners of the 2023 Taiwan Craft Award. 80 finalists were selected for the Creativity Award, while six winners were honored with the Collaborative Award.   
The Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum organized the "Forum on Railway Culture: Collaborative Strategies for International Integration" on Nov. 4. It is the first event since the signing of the cooperation agreement with the Omiya counterpart. 
The Federation of International Human Rights Museums-Asia Pacific (FIHRM-AP) organized its annual conference in Taiwan for the first time. The conference is held in at National Taiwan University, running from Nov. 6 to Nov. 10. 
Cultural Features
Wang Chiu-hwa was among the first generation of post-war architects in Taiwan. Born in Beijing in 1925, Wang moved a lot during her childhood, from Beijing to Wuhan, then Nanjing, and then Chongqing, due to her father's work and the warfare -- both World War II and the Chinese Civil War.
Founded in 2010, Freedom Beat is a unique Taiwanese percussion ensemble group with four members. The group has developed a completely new fusion of percussion musical style; all of the music tracks which they perform were either composed by the members of the group or have been customized especially for them.
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