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ISSUE #594
Following the success of the solo exhibition by world-renowned photographer Thomas Ruff last year, a large-scale solo exhibition "Erwin Olaf: Perfect Moment – Incomplete World," curated by the Suwon Museum of Art in South Korea, is presenting at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan from Aug. 13 through Nov. 27.
Taiwanese textile artist Tseng Yen-yu's solo exhibition "L'art de la mémoire par le textile" is held at Centre Materia and Centre d'art La Sarrein Canada between Sep. 16 and Dec. 4. She usually sculpts fabrics with her self-invented wrapping techniques to express her thoughts and observations of people and the environment.
With support from the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney, an online exhibition "Returning: Chapter 2" co-curated by Sydney Opera House and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab is available from Feb. 23 through Dec. 30.
Ministry Updates
Winners of the 59th Golden Horse Awards announced
The ceremony for the 59th Golden Horse Awards was held on Nov. 19 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei City. The ceremony presented awards in 23 categories, along with two Lifetime Achievement Awards and an award recognizing the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year.
S.Y.S. Memorial Hall representatives visits Japan
On November 21, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall's director-general Wang Lan-sheng led a group of staff members to visit the Yokohama Overseas Chinese School (YOCS), and received a warm welcome from YOCS chairman Luo Hung-chien, deputy chairman Kuan Kuang-chia, school president Tu Wen-chien.
Calendar featuring Taiwanese works to greet Italians
The Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in Italy, in collaboration with Taipei Book Fair Foundation, produced a 2023 calendar featuring the iconic illustrations of 14 Taiwanese illustrators. Other merchandise such as postcards and free desktop wallpaper is also available.
Cultural Features
Independent Taiwanese band EggPlantEgg was formed in 2012, by lead singer and keyboardist Ng Ki-pin. Most of EggplantEgg's songs are composed by Ng Ki-pin, and mainly in Taiwanese. The band's tracks tend to be in classic rock and blues influenced styles. Its music has successfully created a niche for what could be called "modern classics," giving Taiwanese songs a chance to gradually secure a place in the new generation of pop music.
Band | EggPlantEgg
Baby theater originated in Norway in the 1990s. Since then, many European countries have followed suit to provide artistic participation for all children regardless of age. The world’s first Baby Day event was held in Belfast, the United Kingdom, in 2015, focusing on parent-child theater activities designed especially for kids under the age of three through performing arts.
Double & Cross Theater Group
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