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ISSUE #586
Indigenous Tao writer Syaman Rapongan holds meet-and-greet sessions in France to promote his French-translated fiction "Mata nu Wawa (Eye of the Sea)" from Sep. 27 through Oct. 1. "Mata nu Wawa" is an autobiographical novel by Syaman Rapongan, who wrote the book as a reflection of his youth.
Taiwanese writer Chi Ta-wei is invited to participate in the 2022 Toronto International Festival of Authors, which takes place from Sep. 22 to Oct. 2. On Sep. 30, Chi shares his commissioned short story in an event under the pandemic-related theme "We come back together, only to fall apart."
The Taiwan Film Festival Berlin enters its fifth edition this year, which takes place physically in Berlin, Germany from Sep. 23 to Oct. 2. With the support from MOC, the 2022 edition is centered around the theme of "Island Fantasia," in the hope of exploring various social issues through the films with diverse themes.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan & Czechia ink MOU, strengthening bilateral ties
To deepen bilateral exchanges on issues spanning culture, education, semiconductor technology and the museum sector, the agreement was signed by National Taiwan Museum director Hung Shih-yu and Czech National Museum director Michal Lukeš at the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony on Sep. 22.
Minister honors preservers of traditional arts and crafts
Culture Minister Lee Yung-te presented certificates to four important preservers of traditional performing arts and crafts, including woodcarver Yu Li-hai, temple painting artist Chuang Wu-nan, puppeteer Chiang Shi-mei, and Hakka bayin master Cheng Rom-shing, at a ceremony on Sept. 24.
Taiwan underwater exhibition wins Red Dot Design Award
"Beneath Taiwan, Beyond Dive—The First Taiwan Underwater Exhibition in Hong Kong," organized by the Hong Kong Office of the Taiwan Visitors Association in collaboration with camera brand Olympus Corporation, won the Red Dot Design Award in the Brands & Communication Design category.
Cultural Features
Tali Wasaw, a specialist in the traditional craft of rattan weaving, has been recognized as an important preserver of the Atayal crafts of rattan and bamboo weaving craft. He is also familiar with the Atayal oral tradition, and is eager and able to continue passing these on. In 2019, he was registered by the Miaoli County Government as one of the preservers of the gaga oral tradition of the northern Atayal people.
Preserver of Atayal Rattan Weaving|Tali Wasaw
Known for its top quality fire-resistant products, the former Tangrong Brick Kiln's bricks were used to construct the boilers of Taiwan's leading companies. Built in 1899 and closed in 1985, the former Tangrong Brick Kiln, the largest of its kind in the nation, has been transformed into a testimony of Taiwan's progression in producing and consuming bricks throughout the 20th century.
Former Tangrong Brick Kiln
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