臺灣工藝園區設置計畫Establish the Taiwan Craft Park南北管傳習中程計畫Intermediate Range Impartation Plan for Nanguan and Beiguan
(2)生活工藝品展(2)"Artwork in Crafts" exhibitions傳統戲台彩繪施作及傳習計畫Execution and Impartation Plan for Traditional Stage Painting
國立台灣美術館典藏委員會設置要點Regulations of Procuration and Preservation Committee, Taiwan Museum of Art「國家工藝獎」競賽暨展覽Contests and exhibitions of National Crafts Awards
錄影帶Videocassette影音光碟Video compact disk,簡稱VCD
國立台灣美術館典(館)藏品借展展出機構設備報告書Taiwan Museum of Art:Facilities Report for the Loans國立臺灣美術館園區管理事項Regulationsforthe management of the sculpture garden in TMOA
農曆春節-(十二生肖)年特展Art Of The Zodiac:Celebrating The Year Of The國立台灣美術館寄藏美術品作業要點與申請書Conditions and Application Forms of Entrusting Art Works
國立台灣美術館「藏品數位化永久保存」專案The Program of Digitizing Collections for Permanent Preservation國立台灣美術館典(館)藏品藉展作業要點Taiwan Museum of Art:Conditions of Loaning Collections
Dynix圖書館自動化系統Dynix Library Automation System國立台灣美術館典藏目錄The Collection Catalogues of the Taiwan Museum of Art
視聽資料Audio-visual material樂壇新銳Rising star
身心障礙人士工藝創作競賽Competition for disabled craftsmen傳統藝術之夜The Night of the Traditional Arts
公共圖書館資訊服務網(PLISNet)Public Library Information Service Network台灣工藝設計競賽The Taiwan Crafts Design Competition
「數位藝術創作」計畫Digital Creative Arts Project優良工藝產品參展須知The Qualification of Craft Products Competition
台北火車站各空間美化展覽-Beautification of the space at Taipei Train Station-公共藝術設置案計畫Planning of construction of public art
杜威十進分類法(21版)Dewey Decimal Classification(DDC21)小木器設計競賽Small woodenware design contests
國立台灣美術館美術圖檔借用作業要點Taiwan Museum of Art:Conditions for Submission and Reproduction of Pictures南聲社九二年度南管音樂傳習計畫Nanguan Impartation Plan'03 of Nan-Sheng Club
「公共圖書館強化計畫」~「公共圖書館自動化與網路系統架設計畫」Public Library Consolidation Plan一Public Library Automatic and Internet Systematic Mounting Plan雷射唱片Compact Disk,簡稱CD
傳統藝術推展計畫Promotion Plan for Traditional arts國立臺灣美術館施工人員出入管制要點Regulations to restrain entry and exit for the constructor
中華民國第十一屆國際版畫及素描雙年展The 11th international Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition 2003,R.O.C意見調查表分析報告Questionnaire analysis report
台灣工藝節Taiwan Crafts Festival全民藝術歌曲伴唱大賽National lyrical singing competition
台灣美術地方發展史Comprehensive Collection of Taiwan Regional Art History行政院空間美化計畫Beautification of the Executive Yuan
中文圖書標題表Chinese Subject Headings數位影音光碟Digital video disk,簡稱DVD
工藝之夢The Dream Of Crafts錄音帶sound cassette
國家文化資料庫」~「九十二年度台灣地區古文書數位化作業計畫」National Cultural Database—2003 Digital Project of Historical Records in Taiwan Area中國機讀編目格式(第四版)Chinese MARC Format
讀者資訊服務提升三年計畫」(90~92年)The Three-year Plan for Promoting Information Service of Patrons英美編目規則(2版)Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules(AACR2)
廣播節目製播專案Radio broadcasting production台灣傳統細木作家具、漆器技藝跨領域傳習計畫The Skill of Teaching Plan of Taiwan's Traditional Delicate Wooden Furniture Strides over the Domain of Lacquer Wares
舊報紙數位化資訊系統System of Old Newspapers Digital Information Network中國圖書分類法(2001增訂八版)New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries--TABLES
2003亞太傳統藝術節2003 Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival世紀版畫名作展-近百年來世界版畫發展與變遷Centennial Exhibition of Famous Prints- Development and Evolution of the World's Printmaking over the Last 100 Years
公共藝術Public Art竹編藝術展The Beauty of Bamboo Weaving
總統府空間美化計畫Beautification of the Presidential Offices國立傳統藝術中心補助作業要點Subsidization Essentials of the National Center for Traditional Arts
克特作者號碼表Cutter-Sanborn Three-Figure Author Table南管梨園戲傳習計畫Impartation Plan for Nanguan Liyuan Opera
鐵道藝術網絡Art of the Railway Warehouses(1)文化藝廊特展(1)Culture gallery exhibitions
七子戲傳習計畫Impartation Plan for Chi-zi Opera國立台灣美術館典(館)藏品借展合約書Taiwan Museum of Art:Contract of Loans
台灣當代漆藝展The Exhibition of Contemporary Lacquer Art in Taiwan美國國會圖書館標題表Library of Congress Subject Headings(LCSH)
國立台灣美術館捐贈同意書Agreement of Contribution國立台灣美術館資料中心閱覽室管理要點Library regulations of Taiwan Museum of Art
(3)地方工藝產業展(3)Local craft manufacturing歷史建築Historic Buildings
國立台灣美術館資料中心複印管理要點Library regulations of The copy service, Taiwan Museum of Art內部審核處理準則THE STANDARDS OF INTERNAL EXAMINE AND APPROVE
轉型行政法人組織營運管理規劃報告Research report for reorganization of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra in transformation to executive govermental organization國立臺灣美術館守衛小隊電擊棒使用規定Regulations for the security guards touseelectro schock batons in TMOA